Letter to Lucy:
A Manifesto of Creative Redemption—
In the Age of Trump, Fascism, and Lies


Written by Frank Schaeffer and designed by EJG2 over the course of four years leading up to and through the 2016 election and its aftermath, Letter to Lucy is a book unlike any you've ever seen. We wanted to do something different and counter-intuitive with this project and created a fully interactive multi-touch book with over 400 pages of music, multi-media elements, and 1000 pieces of artwork.

The first chapter is available to experience for free on iBook, Amazon Kindle Fire and lettertolucy.com.

"I ask myself these questions silently and inwardly: How may I atone for helping to poison America with certainty addiction? How do I defend my grandchildren against the religious right juggernaut I helped create? How do I reject what my parents stood for (fundamentalist fanaticism) and yet honor the love they gave me? How can I help my grandchildren stumble upon the goodness of life before they’re sold towering mounds of brain-damaging garbage? How do I help save the world? (And what kind of deluded messianic fool am I to believe that this is even possible?)"
–Author Frank Schaeffer, from Letter to Lucy

Following are examples of print and digital work
I have created for my clients.

Deb Patterson for Senate District 10


Website Refresh.


Pathways of Grace
2017 - Current

Website and Session Artwork for Pathways of Grace.



Website for Frank Schaeffer Documentary "Let Me Be Frank."


ASU Drop-IN Meditation Group

Promotional poster for Mindfulness Meditation at ASU Downtown Campus.

The Fountains, A United Methodist Church

Artwork for 4-Disc Sermon Series produced for sale.

Artwork for 4-Disc Sermon Series produced for sale.

Justa Center

Ticket and complementary promotional collateral for "Circus with a Purpose" Fundraiser.

Postcard created to be used as a Thank You Card, reducing printing and postage costs, as well as lessening environmental impact. All while keeping the organization top of mind.

2014 - PRESENT

Created and Maintain SunLakesUCC.com.
Create and distribute monthly email newsletter.

United Church of Christ Southwest Conference
2014 - present

Created and Maintain www.uccswc.org.

2013 - 2015

Mailer to members of AR&LW promoting upcoming gathering. I was also involved in the creation of several of their quarterly newsletters, a sample of which can be seen at:


Southwest Conference Lay Academy
2011 - 2016

Promotional Poster for Lay Academy Session, January, 2016.

Promotional Poster for Lay Academy Session, September, 2015.

Promotional Poster for Lay Academy Session, March, 2015.

Created Lay Academy logo to complement existing United Church of Christ branding.
Used online and in print.

Lay Academy Postcard used for promotion and direct-mail marketing to past session attendees.

Arizona Foundation for Contemporary Theology
2006 - PRESENT

Created www.azfct.org.

Created artwork for physical items (DVD) for sale at www.azfct.org/store.

Heavily involved in event planning at host site and online marketing of events.

2006 - 2013

Driver Information Guide and Bypass Restrictions

Sent out to all new customers to outline service, FAQs and device usage.

Point-of-Sale Display

Point-of-Sale display box, used at weigh stations, trucking terminals and agencies throughout the nation to display service applications and other promotional items.

Recipient of 2009 Print Excellence Gold Award from Printing Industries of Arizona/New Mexico.

Print Ads

Print Ad - "Independence Day" July 2009 - Ran nationally in trucking industry magazines CCJ, Fleet Owner, Heavy Duty Trucking, Land Line, Overdrive, Trucker's News.

Print Ad - "Father's Day" May, June 2009 - Ran nationally in trucking industry magazines CCJ, Fleet Owner, Heavy Duty Trucking, Land Line, Overdrive, Trucker's News.